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This small web application allows users to create random secure passwords that are difficult to guess because of the combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers and symbols.

Key Features:
# Passwords with up to 50 characters.
# Find the best combination of lowercase, uppercase and numbers passwords.
# Add extra security by using special characters.


An average person will have at least four different accounts that would require a password. This makes the issue of having a secure and strong password important. Unfortunately, the average person will prefer ease of use over security, which results in a lot of people using easily compromised passwords AND/OR a single password for several accounts. They cannot be faulted either, since it is usually too much trouble to maintain a lot of passwords, especially if they are safe passwords that are not easy to memorize. Some people try to counter this by using different strong passwords for every account, and then keeping a written record of every password – which is an even bigger security risk for obvious reasons. A good middle ground is to create one universal password for different accounts with different usernames, but making that password very hard to crack.

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